The “Health Interrupted” Podcast was created in the middle of a pandemic!

My co-host Gina Lombardi and I realized that we were in the middle of the most life-changing interruption, as we all were in lockdown.

And the more we thought about it and realized– I’m interrupted a thousand times a day as a mother with kids, and she’s interrupted with her life and family and work– it’s a pretty common theme that many people experience.

We’re all interrupted in life, and it’s inevitable.

But it’s how we pick ourselves up again, and how we use those interruptions to learn and grow to become the biggest, boldest, best version of ourselves.

“Health Interrupted” covers all sorts of health topics and interruptions– mental health, spiritual health, physical health.

We’ve talked to people who have faced really traumatic accidents, people who have various diseases or disabilities.

We really covered the gamut of interruptions, but we tried to stick to mental, spiritual and physical health interruptions.

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